Charlie Drake. Copyright: BBC.

The life of Charlie Drake

Few people these days remember Charlie Drake. He was one of the biggest stars of British comedy from the fifties through to the seventies, feted and fawned over by the great and the good, but he faded into obscurity long before his death in 2006, and, if he is recalled at all these days, it is probably only for the brief and blurry YouTube clip (264,905 views and counting) of him being knocked unconscious during a live TV broadcast back in 1961.

Graham McCann, Comedy Babylon, 1st October 2019

Seven comedy icons with a seedy reputation

It seems that every day a new showbusiness career lies in tatters as the world finally catches up to the men who abuse their power to harass and grope women. But for decades bad behaviour has gone unpunished... here are seven comedians beloved in their day - and some even now - despite widespread reports of pretty salacious behaviour that surely would not be tolerated today.

Chortle, 20th November 2017

Australian radio bans 'racist' Charlie Drake song

Australia's ABC radio has banned its presenters from playing an "offensive" hit record after a listener complained that it was racist. Chart-topping 1960s novelty song My Boomerang Won't Come Back, by British comedian Charlie Drake, has now been permanently removed from Aunty's playlist.

Rob Harris, The Herald, 23rd November 2015