Comedies shortlisted for BBC Audio Awards 2020

Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off, Mark Steel's In Town, Phil Ellis Is Trying, Phil Wang: Wangsplaining and Suggs: Love Letters To London are amongst the nominees in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2020.

British Comedy Guide, 19th November 2019

XS Malarkey club turns 21

The Manchester comedy club that hosted early performances from Peter Kay, Alan Carr and Jason Manford turns 21 years old.

Emily Heward, Manchester Evening News, 22nd September 2018

Radio comedies shortlisted for BBC Audio Awards 2018

Liam Williams, The Penny Dreadfuls, Sarah Kendall, The Absolutely Radio Show, Harry And Paul Present and It's Jocelyn are amongst the shortlisted nominees for the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018.

British Comedy Guide, 4th January 2018

Radio comedies up for BBC Audio Awards 2018

Shows starring Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse, John Finnemore, Marcus Brigstocke, David Jason and Jocelyn Jee Esien are amongst the nominees for the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018.

British Comedy Guide, 21st November 2017

14 comedy shows up for BBC Audio Awards 2017

The shortlists for the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2017 has been revealed, with 14 comedies in the running across the Best Scripted Comedy and Best Comedy with a Live Audience categories.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd November 2016

Foster's Comedy Awards Panel Announced

The judges, headed by Lucy Lumsden, are Carl Cooper, Alex Hardy, John Nicholson, Charlie Perkins, Zoe Rabnett, Ben Williams, and public panel winners Dave Deverick, Kate Emmett and Mark Muldoon.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th August 2015

When I spoke to Carl Cooper, the producer of this series, I asked how much of the material for this edition - Kevin Bridges interviews fellow Glaswegian comedian Frankie Boyle - had to hit the cutting room floor. "It was a tricky one, content wise," he conceded, but you'd never know it from this brilliant edit.

All right, you might have an inkling when Boyle starts talking about beaming porn onto the outer walls of primary schools - not a practice he supports, takes part in or suggests, I should add, before the green biros come out to start an "appalled from . . ." letter.

For the most part, the conversation is on why the controversial performer has decided to stop - spending time with his family became more appealing than being under constant scrutiny for every word he said or wrote. There's an interesting section on why Boyle hates comedy panel shows where he reveals how scripted and planned they are, and how much he liked to drop a grenade into such proceedings.

He's certainly not lost his precocious comedy gift and shows like this are evidence that he can be put before a microphone without bringing a broadcast company into disrepute. I'd like to go on record now that he should be a guest editor on The Today Programme next year.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 3rd January 2014

Veering between sitcom clich├ęs (comedy accents, corny gags) and something more surreal, this series still feels like it's searching for an identity. It's a pity because Chris Addison and Carl Cooper's scripts show potential.

Metro, 7th August 2008