Carey Mulligan

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Stephen Fry to co-narrate Haig's Christmas audiobooks

Stephen Fry and Carey Mulligan are to narrate the audio versions of Matt Haig's two Christmas books, which will be available for the first time this November.

Natasha Onwuemezi, The Bookseller, 17th August 2016

The movie publicity machine goes into overdrive as Norton welcomes a bevy of cinematic talent on to his couch. Topping the bill are Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone, hoping to pack a heavyweight Hollywood punch with new boxing movie Grudge Match, Jonah Hill bigs up his part in The Wolf Of Wall Street (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) while, flying the flag for British talent, Carey Mulligan plugs Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen brothers' film surprisingly overlooked by the Baftas.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 10th January 2014

The reliably entertaining series becomes a must-see tonight as Hollywood sweetheart Carey Mulligan, comedians Ed Byrne and Ricky Gervais plonk themselves on Graham Norton's sofa.

Although between professional motormouths Ricky and Graham, we're not sure how much of a look in Carey and Ed are going to get. If they manage to utter more than a single sentence each, it will be to plug Carey's new movie, Shame, and... er, we're not sure why Ed Byrne is there.

It's certainly not to just make up the numbers, because there's another guest I forgot to mention - a certain Mr Johnny Depp (I know - major squeal alert!). Captain Jack Sparrow is there to look all dreamy. And yummy. And delicious. And... Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

The Hollywood heartthrob is in town to talk about his new movie, The Rum Diary.

Music is from Snow Patrol.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 4th November 2011

The chat show has become much devalued in recent times, but Norton is doing his best to rehabilitate the form with his lively and watchable show (toned down from his earlier days). Tonight he has an impressively A-list line up: Johnny Depp talking about his new film The Rum Diary; Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan; Ricky Gervais chatting about Life's Too Short, his new dwarf-based comedy (yes, really); and comedian Ed Byrne. Snow Patrol provide the music.

The Telegraph, 3rd November 2011