Brian Logan

Suzi Ruffell review

Nocturnal is notionally about the things keeping the standup awake at night, but this cheery set shows she has nothing to worry about.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 14th March 2019

Mo Amer interview

Mo Amer, refugee comedian: 'If you're angry, you can't fulfil your dreams'.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 11th March 2019

The Brexit comedy club for Euro standups

European comics assembled for a gig about Britain's departure from the EU - but ended up talking about sex and poultry.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 8th March 2019

Nish Kumar: 'I have not got over Brexit'

The stand-up and TV host on how British politics broke his heart, Question Time abuse and why he's the Bob Dylan of comedy.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 2nd March 2019

Ben Target review

Target's absurdist show Splosh! - about swimming and his childhood in Houston - cocks a quiet snook at machismo.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 28th February 2019

Russell Kane: The Fast and the Curious review

Cartoonish characters and an operatic vomiting routine animate conventional observations about Brits abroad, marriage and moving to the provinces.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 27th February 2019

Young comics reassess Bill Hicks

He was the Kurt Cobain of comedy, railing against advertising, politicians, the war on drugs, even waffle waitresses. What do the new generation make of the chain-smoking motormouth?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 25th February 2019

Ken Cheng review

In Best Dad Ever, the ex-poker player and maths nerd has constructed a meticulous show of well-turned gags.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 1st February 2019