David Baddiel on God, gags and being trolled

The comedian has written his first play - on whether science can prove that the Almighty exists. But first, there are some hecklers to deal with...

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 22nd October 2019

Hannah Gadsby: "Quit comedy? I can't"

The comic was due to retire, until her show Nanette made her an overnight star. So how does she plan to top it?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 19th October 2019

Josh Widdicombe review

The focus stays on the everyday as the stand-up works himself into a shrill rage. It would get repetitive if he wasn't so good at it.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 17th October 2019

Kate Berlant interview

'There's a connection between being psychic and improv'.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 2nd October 2019

Ben Elton review

Fifteen years since he last performed standup, Elton's new show humbly embraces the madness of the modern world.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 1st October 2019

Brydon, Mack & Mitchell review

Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell take the off-the-cuff gags of Would I Lie To You? on the road for a nonessential but entertaining night of comedy.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 30th September 2019

Eddie Izzard review

Wunderbar is packed with surreal sugar - delightful animals and gobbledegook - but the pill of messianic politics is hard to swallow.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 29th September 2019

Ben Elton's return to stand-up: I'm as scared as I get

Back on tour for the first time in 15 years, the trailblazing comedian has some scores to settle. How can he be a sellout, he asks, if he was never radical to begin with?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 26th September 2019