The Bisexual. Gabe (Brian Gleeson)
Brian Gleeson

Brian Gleeson

  • Actor, writer and executive producer

Video clips

Performing at a funeral

After being asked to play a song at the funeral of her grandmother, Frank clumsily attempts to win his ex-girlfriend back.


A physical and ridiculous brand of humour with an original twist. Frank Marron is a 32-year-old catastrophe: a misanthropic, narcissistic fantasist in arrested development who thinks that the world owes him something. But nonetheless, he's our comedy hero. They don't all wear capes, OK?!

Pretending you have diarrhoea

Rob deliver's the perfect excuse to escape Fergal's birthday party...

The Difference between sleeping with men and women?

Gabe has some questions for Leila after he discovers she's spent the night with Jon-Criss...

Dumping Your One Night

Following an awkward one night stand, Leila talks Gabe through his flawed break up method...


The Bisexual looks at the difference of dating men and women from the perspective of a person who finds herself doing both.

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