Brian Dowling

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The Jim Davidson interview

In his most high profile interview for Broadway Baby to date, Martin Walker talks to controversial comedian, Jim Davidson. In a no holds barred extended interview they discuss Chalky White, Brian Dowling, Paul Sinha, the war in Iraq, Tony Blair, gay marriage, Davidson's favourite and least liked comedians and his forthcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe. The interview is forthright and names are named. Contains repeated use of strong language.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 28th April 2014

The idiot-speak in Anna Crilly and Katy Wix's spoof The Apprentice is frothing nicely: "Business in the workplace can help achieve synergy for tomorrow," says a gormless team-member. Or, my favourite, "Can I just answer that myself with a 'no'?" smarms Wix, as a vacuous project manager. Some sketches work better - much better - than others. Crilly and Wix as two butch quadbike instructors and an obscene game show fronted by Brian Dowling are weak and over-long. But Olden Roadhaus, the foul-mouthed German version of Antiques Roadshow, is a winner.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 20th March 2013

Jim Davidson signs up for Celebrity Big Brother

Jim Davidson has been signed up for Celebrity Big Brother - despite his infamous anti-gay rant against host Brian Dowling.

The Sun, 20th December 2012