Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy (I)

  • Actor and comedian
Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy is an actor and comedian.

Year Production Role
2023 Friend (The One with Gunther) Writer
2023 Buffy Revamped Self
2023 Buffy: Revamped Spike
2022 Sex in your thirties - the weekend edition Ensemble Actor
2022 Sexy strip tease... in your thirties! Boyfriend
2022 Buffy: Revamped Spike
2022 Man Vs Bee
  1. E9 - Chapter 9
2022 Sex In Your Thirties Man
2022 Your toxic guy friend Toxic Friend
2022 Couple fight over last chocolate Brendan
2022 Yeah but... who else is going? Ensemble Actor
2021 Friend (The One With Gunther) Self
2020 Comedians In Quarantine
  1. E8 - The Lockdown League
2020 Sprog - Why be a parent when you could be a sharent! Cocaine addict
2019 The Crown Dual Self
2019 Friend Gunther
2019 Break up gone wrong Brendan
2018 The Crooners Self
2018 BattleActs! Improvised Comedy Self
2018 The Intervention Tom
2017 Wife and Husband Reviews Pete
2017 Hurdles - Kellie Higgins Ensemble Actor
2016 2016 Writers Room Damon
2016 Exercising Your Demons Bruce Cobalt
2016 A sexy love song to sexists Sexy Van Guy
2016 Enter the Bagman Self
2016 Outta Space - Series 1
View episodes
  1. E1 - New Lodger
  2. E2 - Cat Food
  3. E3 - Scary Movie
  4. E4 - Toilet Paper
  5. E5 - Dear Diary
Aehöl the Receiver
2015 BAGMAN Self
2015 The Beau Zeaux: An Improvised Comedy Self
2015 Outta Space - Pilot Aehöl the Receiver
2014 Jenny Bede: AAA Ensemble Actor
2014 Once Upon a Nightmare Self
2014 Bren and Jenny: Hello! Self

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Ham Fist Prize 2015
Worst Review (Nominee)
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