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ITV's winter schedule to feature Billy Connolly and Mr Bean

ITV's festive schedule will feature documentaries about Billy Connolly and Mr Bean. It's also revealed a number of other shows and comedy Christmas specials.

British Comedy Guide, 11th November 2020

Billy Connolly: I can't perform the way I used to.

Sir Billy Connolly has revealed his terrible moments of stage fright and the fear he couldn't think of anything funny.

Deborah Anderson, The Herald, 13th September 2020

Billy Connolly on supporting Scottish independence

Sir Billy Connolly has thrown his weight behind the cause of Scottish independence - insisting the prospect of the country becoming a republic is "as good an idea as any I've ever heard."

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 11th June 2020

Connolly: I'll never apologise over religion routine

Half a century on from being denounced in the pulpits and pilloried for being a "blasphemous buffoon", Billy Connolly remains unrepentant over his controversial routines lampooning religion.

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 3rd June 2020

Billy Connolly reveals his deep embarrassment about sex

Sir Billy Connolly has opened up on how his taboo-busting routines about sex were inspired by his own "deep embarrassment" about his lack of knowledge as a teenager and his failure to get women to take him seriously.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 28th May 2020

TV review: Billy and Us

Whisper it, but Scotland's favourite son might not be Oor Wullie. It may be another William - namely Billy Connolly.

Stevie Gallacher, The Sunday Post, 20th May 2020

Billy and Us, episode one, BBC Scotland, review

Do you recall when it happened? Did the one o'clock gun sound, was there an RAF flypast, a ceremonial casting in gold of his big banana boots? I'm talking about the moment when Billy Connolly went from Scottish outlaw, frightening the horses and scandalising the church, to national treasure.

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 15th May 2020

Billy Connolly: 'I never set out to shock'

Scotland's best-known comedian says he has always wanted to make people laugh but he never set out to deliberately shock anyone.

BBC, 14th May 2020