Andrew Collins - Billy Bragg: Still Suitable For Miners

Andrew Collins - Billy Bragg: Still Suitable For Miners

He was a punk. He was a soldier. He was a flag-waver for both the Labour Party and the miners. He is Billy Bragg, best known as a passionate protest folk singer and a tireless promoter of political and humanitarian causes all across the world.

Billy's life encapsulates so much about his generation: born in the late '50s, passions forged by punk, politics shaped by Thatcherism, hope provided by the end of the Cold War and ideology galvanised by what he sees as a post-ideological 21st century. Serious about compassion and accountability, he likes a laugh too, and is enduringly popular.

Billy Bragg is a much-loved songwriter and performer whose campaigning has spanned four decades and shows no sign of relenting. Still Suitable For Miners is his official story, updated with a new chapter covering the 2017 General Election, Brexit and Corbynism.

First published: Thursday 14th February 2013

  • Released: Thursday 24th May 2018
  • Publisher: Virgin
  • Pages: 384
  • Catalogue: 9780753552711

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  • Publisher: Virgin
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