Ben Van der Velde. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth.

Ben Van der Velde

Ben Van der Velde is a stand-up comedian.


Year Production Role
2020 Glasgow International Comedy Festival Self
2020 Vault Festival (London) Self
2019 Classic Joke Club Host / Presenter
2019 Ben Van der Velde - Fablemaker Self
2019 Guildford Fringe Festival Self
2017 Classic Joke Club - Free Self
2017 Ben Van Der Velde - Sidekick Self
2016 Frugl Presents Classic Joke Club Self
2016 Barbarians Self
2016 Die Trying - Series 1
  1. E1 - Auld Lang Simon
2014 Strudelhead Self
2013 Candy Floss and Barbed Wire Self
2013 Ben Van Der Velde's Chain Letter Self
2011 Attention Deficit Let's Go Ride Bikes! - Free Self
2010 Beer Goggles - Free Self
2010 Sex And Hugs And Forward Rolls Self
2010 For 21 Nights Only! Self

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