I'm Alan Partridge. Susan (Barbara Durkin). Copyright: Talkback Productions.

Barbara Durkin

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Barbara Durkin is an actor.


Year Production Role
2014 Professor Branestawm - The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Branestawm Angelica
2007 My Family - Series 7
  1. E2 - Four Affairs And A Funeral
2003 Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps - Series 3
  1. E6 - Dresses Dresses Dresses
Bridal Shop Assistant
1997 Brass Eye Ensemble Actor
1997 Men Behaving Badly - Series 6
  1. E6 - Sofa
1997 I'm Alan Partridge - Series 1 Susan
1993 Mr. Bean
  1. Special - Blind Date
1991 Taking The Floor Karen Tranter
1990 This Is David Lander - This Is David Harper
  1. E6 - Born Again Yesterday
Trina Deans

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