Video clips

Cheesy Dreams

Finding himself stuck inside a cheesy dream with the rest of the Spuds, Dave learns that the only way to escape is to admit what he has done and confront his cheesy guilt.

Breaking Gran

Gran has been particularly naughty lately and is sentenced to a stay in an old people's home. The home is the stuff of nightmares for Gran, and it's up to the Spuds to break her free.

Grimmest Face

Dave is practising for Grimsby's 'grimmest face' competition and finds that the wind changing direction really can cause the face to stick...

The Throne

Gran buys a new loo, this lavatory has a tendency to flush its users into another dimension, and Dave and Gran quickly find themselves flushed and spat out in olden day Grimsby.

Spuds on a Plane

Dave's first ever plane journey doesn't quite go to plan when the air pressure combined with the need to go to the toilet makes his head swell.

Flea Man preview

Dave and Fuzzypeg the dog get dirty playing at the local dump, so dirty in fact that Fuzzypeg picks up an extremely grumpy flea.

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