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Arthur Smith - 100 Things I Meant To Tell You

Arthur Smith - 100 Things I Meant To Tell You

100 Things I Meant To Tell You is a ragbag of escapades, a mosaic of anecdotage, a memoir in fragments, a parade of gags, speeches, poems, rants, obituaries, eulogies and baffled recollections from the original Grumpy Old Man and national treasure Arthur Smith.

From reflections on his stage shows, near death experiences and wealth of travels to bugbear musings and snapshots of joy, Arthur Smith brings together a whole host of tales, tribulations and idle thoughts from his career as a comedian, compere, journalist and teacher, all told with his legendary dry humour and humility.

Imparting pieces of advice, life lessons and sharing observations from his disgruntled world view, readers can revel in collective grievances and mundane annoyances to find joy in the comedy of the ordinary and the everyday.

Covering a whole range of subjects from the tender and the serious to the light-hearted and mundane, chaotic and hilarious antics are juxtaposed with poignant autobiographical stories of his mother's journey into dementia and his father's experiences of the war.

Containing never heard before stories, the book is a rollercoaster journey which will make you wince, gasp and laugh in the space of a few pages. The perfect gift, 100 Things I Meant To Tell You is a cornucopia of delight for Arthur Smith fans everywhere.

First published: Thursday 7th November 2019

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