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Ariane Sherine

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Ariane Sherine interview

This Saturday, she is headlining the annual (free) One Life Humanist Choir concert at what she calls "the fabulous heathen palace" of Conway Hall - more correctly the Ethical Society's London HQ.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 12th July 2018

Behind the scenes of Love Song For Jeremy Corbyn video

Yesterday's blog was about Ariane Sherine's comic music video of her Love Song For Jeremy Corbyn. I play the UK Labour Party leader. In just over a day, the YouTube video had been seen by over 2,000 people. There has been feedback.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 2nd June 2017

The pros and cons of being a comic

Ariane Sherine's adventures in stand-up.

Ariane Sherine, Chortle, 6th July 2016

Sorry, but so-called 'racist' jokes are funny

There is a massive stench of hypocrisy in public life. We do and say things in private that we would castigate others for doing in public, possibly the best example of this being jokes about race.

Ariane Sherine, The Spectator, 30th May 2016

Tim Minchin: It just happens that I'm right

Tim Minchin may be happy making big commercial films and musicals - but he's also a man with a mission.

Ariane Sherine, New Humanist, 7th October 2014