Misfits. Alisha (Antonia Thomas). Copyright: Clerkenwell Films.

Antonia Thomas

Why I love... the TV show Lovesick

How a TV series that began life with a terrible name turned into the finest British romantic comedy in years.

Bim Adewunmi, The Guardian, 7th January 2017

Scrotal Recall to return... on Netflix

The sitcom Scrotal Recall is to return for a second series... but it will move from Channel 4 to Netflix.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd March 2016

What are the cast of 'Misfits' doing now?

Here's a look at what some of those cast members are doing now, just over two years since the show ended...

Sophie Davies, Cult Box, 6th March 2016

This unlikely romcom starring folk singer Johnny Flynn as a mild-mannered STI sufferer draws to a close. As usual, Luke (Daniel Ings) is the one compelling Dylan (Flynn) into action, as the two search for the latter's ex, Phoebe, to tell her she might have chlamydia. There's a shock discovery for the lads and more flashback fodder, before present-day Luke forces Dylan to make a decision about Evie (Antonia Thomas). Will he confess his feelings to her?

Hannah J. Davies, The Guardian, 6th November 2014

Radio Times review

The adventures of Dylan Witter (folk singer and actor Johnny Flynn) continue with tonight's flashback to an eventful double date with best mate Luke (Daniel Ings) and a very, very funny climax (if you'll forgive the term) when he has to reveal his, er, condition to his conquest. It's a neat premise allowing for imaginative time leaps, though the title does not quite convey the tenderness (as well as the comic brio) of the material.

The unrequited love subplot between Dylan and best female friend Evie (Antonia Thomas), however, does needs to take a more original direction.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 9th October 2014

Channel 4 also brought us an enjoyable new sitcom in the form of the awfully-titled but quite funny Scrotal Recall. The comedy's central conceit sees likeable Dylan (Johnny Flynn) forced to contact all of his former sexual conquests after being diagnosed with chlamydia. Dylan then draws up a list of his exes, in alphabetical order, as he prepares to give them the news one-by-one. The majority of the episode is then told in flashback as we learn about how he met the first girl on the list, hotel desk clerk Abigail (Hannah Britland), whilst at a wedding with another woman. The awkward wedding reception is a scenario that has been played out time and time again in sitcoms, but I felt that Scrotal Recall did a good job at keeping the story feeling fresh. This first episode also introduced us to Dylan's friend Luke (Daniel Ings); a sexual predator with no morals who basically attempts to bed as many bridesmaids as possible. At times I found Luke to be too similar to How I Met Your Mother's Barney to believe in him as a realistic character but at the same time he did provide a lot of the best gags. Writer Tom Edge also adds quite a sweet element to the sitcom in the unrequited feelings that Dylan's friend Evie (Antonia Thomas) has for him. Although this part of the plot could come off as clich├ęd; Edge meshes both elements of the comedy well enough for it never to feel too saccharine. As the majority of the sitcom happens three years in the past, I was shocked to discover that in the present Evie is engaged to another man whilst Dylan is left looking forlorn during her engagement party. Although I didn't have massive expectations going into Scrotal Recall I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would and I laughed out loud at least four times during the twenty or so minute run time. Flynn and Thomas are likeable leads whilst Ings brings a larger-than-life persona to the despicable Luke. All-in-all I thought Scrotal Recall showed bags of potential and I'll definitely be tuning in next week for episode two.

The Custard TV, 5th October 2014

It's never a good idea to have a pun in a name. Book titles, bands, babies, yachts, TV shows, anything. Come up with it, say it out loud, have a laugh, have a groan, move on, that's the correct behaviour. What's funny now won't be next week. Even a good pun - which, admittedly, Scrotal Recall (Channel 4) is - will irritate in time, if you have to live with it. Imagine if it gets recommissioned.

It's not just a good pun, but an apt one too. Dylan (played by likable actor/folk singer/posh boy Johnny Flynn) finds out he has chlamydia and must contact all the people he's ever slept with, to tell them the news. So memory and (presumably) nutsacks do come in to it. But there's a sweaty, visceral, hairy, loose-skinned crudity about the title that doesn't quite fit Tom Edge's new comedy, tonally.

Dylan's doing it - recalling his sex life - alphabetically, starting with A, for Abigail, three years ago at a wedding. Which one is she, though? The new girlfriend, who dumps him, during the marriage service? One of the bridesmaids? The hot vicar (complete with dog collar, woof woof)? "Definitely top of the wedding sex pyramid," says Dylan's louche mate Luke (Daniel Ings). So there's a guessing game, a nice element of whodun'im about it. [Spoiler alert: don't read the rest of this paragraph if you haven't yet seen it and plan to.] The answer turns out to be none of the above, but the girl behind the desk of the hotel. It's obvious, in retrospect. "Ding if you need me," she said. He did, so he did.

There's more to Scrotal Recall than ding-dong and scrotums and "wall-to-wall snatch" (louche Luke's description of the wedding), though. It's about Dylan's examination of himself, and his relationship with women, including best friend/true love Evie (Antonia Thomas from Misfits). It's about how love hurts, and not just when he pees. There's something of Four Weddings about it, and One Day (you know, by David Nicholls, whose new novel Us is already being read by the person opposite you on the train). Charming, then. But also with drunkenness, and falling over, and bodily fluids. And it's very funny. I already hope it gets recommissioned. I can live with the title.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 3rd October 2014

Radio Times review

One of the funniest comedy titles in TV history, yes, but one which belies the warmth and gentleness of this wryly amusing story of young Dylan Witter (folk singer and actor Johnny Flynn) and his romantic adventures. He has just been diagnosed with an STD, and he has to track down all his sexual partners to warn them, a premise that is sweeter than it sounds.

It also allows us to take in various flashes back (and forwards) across his young life. No secret is made of the fact that the love of his life is best mate Evie (Misfits actress Antonia Thomas) and that best mate Luke (Daniel Ings) isn't as much of a prat as he seems. Rather the joy is in Dylan's hilarious encounters with women, whether it's the horrific girlfriend he takes to the first wedding or guessing which woman he will end up in bed with at the end...

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 2nd October 2014