Anthea Turner

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Not since Ali G has Channel 4 had a truly successful chat show helmed by a fictional character. After Angelos Epithemiou's patchy showing comes the turn of Kayvan Novak, who unleashes Facejackers wheeler-dealer Terry Tibbs on a not very unsuspecting studio audience. Novak's performance is superb, but the material is desperately one-note and the song-'n'-dance finale a damp squib. The guests don't help: Mickey Rourke is at his boorish worst as the audience lap up the Neanderthal banter about 'fat Welsh bitches', while a panic-stricken Anthea Turner joins in as best she can. As with so many of these shows, it's a bit of a mess containing too many ideas and not enough thought or structure. So it's probably odds on for a full series commission.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 16th August 2012

Channel 4's Funny Fortnight continues. Terry Tibbs, the cockney car salesman played by Kayvan Novak in character-led comedies Fonejacker and Facejacker, has already popped up on Come Dine with Me and Secret Millionaire. Now Tibbs gets his own chat show in which to harangue celebrities and stir up a studio audience. Tonight's rather contrasting guests include bad-boy actor Mickey Rourke and saccharine presenter Anthea Turner.

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 15th August 2012