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Hullraisers review

As one female-led comedy with a distinctive geographical flavour launches its final series, another starts its first. Airing straight after the season three premiere of Derry Girls, Hullraisers follows three working-class women at various stages of their adult journey.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 12th April 2022

Hullraisers sitcom series coming to Channel 4

Channel 4 has ordered Hullraisers, a sitcom series that "celebrates female talent, both on and off screen". Co-written by Lucy Beaumont, it focuses on three working class women living in Hull.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd July 2021

In Anne-Marie O'Connor's perfectly understated supermarket sitcom, the staff are becoming more real with each episode.

And one very good reason to make the weekly trip to Valco is to see what Margaret is up to.

Played by Rita May, she's a wonderful character - because it's so rare for qualities like "nice" and "content with their lot" to be the starting point for comedy.

I love hearing about Margaret's little jokes with "her Alan" (which, of course, are never even slightly funny) and this week she's all a fluster because she's going to be Skyping her daughter online, who lives in Canada.

Meanwhile, at the meat counter, Kieran gets jealous when he spots another man checking-out his favourite checkout girl.

And Andy (Mark Addy) declares war on Masterchef, before revealing a surprising passion for Ian Botham.

It'll make you see those "Beefy" posters in a brand new light.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 25th August 2011

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