Anne Klein

  • Actor and comedian

Video clips

Reaction Crew - Danone Jingle

The Reaction Crew has had to expand due to all the romantic sub-plots and they're ready to react to the new Danone Jingle.

Reaction Crew - Brian's Break Up Song

Brian is having a break down and makes everyone watch a video of a new song he's written.

Reaction Crew - Relationship Cheat Revealed

Recriminations are flying and the crew are watching back an earlier episode of theirs to try and find out where everything went wrong.

I Am Wario - Evil Plans!

The name of the sketch group is I Am Wario, they've got a sketch about an evil super villain...

Mime Utopia

After the White Utopia village was reported there is now the revelation that other "utopia" villages being set up. Victoria Yorkshire investigates.

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