Video clips

Owls freak me out

David Mitchell claims that he had to run away from an owl sanctuary.

Motherland Christmas trailer

Christmas comes but once a year, and thank God for that, because it's time for Amanda's annual festive soiree.


Orphaned brothers and Christian radicals, Tim and Vic, arrive in Ilkley with the relatively straightforward task of assassinating Professor John Huxley. However, after a classic case of mistaken identity, they find themselves having murdered the wrong man. Now stuck in the town during Ilkley's busiest weekend, they wait for the arrival of a foreboding mentor to give them instruction. The mission must still be completed - that's providing Vic's rage, Tim's doubts or the efforts of foul-mouthed Detective Inspector Brough don't get in the way first.

Blooper reel

Bloopers from the first series of Sky One's new sitcom.


The trailer for the comedy starring Danny Mays, Stephen Graham and Anna Maxwell Martin.

Vic and Delph's Christmas round robin

Victor and Delphine wish you a very merry Christmas in their first ever video round robin.

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