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Happy Birthday Mr Bean review

A cosy celebration of an absurd comic figure.

Sean O'Grady, The Independent, 10th January 2021

Have I Got News For You documentary to celebrate 30 years

Have I Got News For You is to mark its 30th anniversary with a commemorative documentary. Have I Got 30 Years For You will be broadcast on BBC One over the festive period.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd November 2020

The re-evaluation game: HIGNFY - 3rd November 1995

It might seem odd to re-evaluate an episode of Have I Got News For You from November 1995 but the reason I've chosen it is because it's the one time I was in the audience for the show. A young, innocent, unsexy twenty one year old at the time, I absolutely loved the experience, partially because a fair amount of material was edited out of the aired version for legal reasons but also because it was a real thrill to see Paul Merton and Angus Deayton perform in the flesh.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 17th March 2020

Angus Deayton: scandal & returning to Radio Active

Angus Deayton on how he survived a sex and drugs scandal - and why, 40 years on, he's returning to the comedy show that first made him famous.

Sarah Oliver, Daily Mail, 7th July 2019

How WILTY? became a TV institution

As it turns 10, the BBC show is now as satisfying and reliable as Friday night fish and chips. From David Mitchell and Lee Mack's comic chemistry to Bob Mortimer's genius, here's why it should keep us in hysterics for decades more.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 16th June 2017

20 facts for Jonathan Creek's 20th anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the first time that David Renwick's ingenious creation first hit our screens. To celebrate, here's a look at 20 things you may not know about everyone's favourite tousle-haired, windmill-dwelling amateur sleuth.

Jon O'Brien, Metro, 10th May 2017

Michael McIntyre performs after fracturing bone

Michael McIntyre had to perform onstage yesterday evening with one leg in a special support boot due to a fractured bone.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 27th February 2017

Radio 4 to broadcast six comedy pilots on twelfth night

Radio 4 is to "illuminate January with the spirit of misrule" by broadcasting a series of comedy pilots of the twelfth night, the 7th January.

British Comedy Guide, 21st December 2016