Angie Le Mar - Full Circle

Angie Le Mar - Full Circle

Angie Le Mar was the first female stand-up on the black British comedy circuit. Thirty years later, she is recognised as a multi-award winning comedienne, TV and radio presenter/star, business woman, entrepreneur, speaker, director, producer and writer. Recently, her writing skills have been put to the ultimate test: over the past three years she has written about her 30+ years in showbusiness.

Her aim is to inspire young people to have the confidence to achieve their dreams, to encourage black women to smash their goals, and to inspire everyone who has a talent but needs more encouragement to 'turn their gift around'. Alongside her incredible life journey and lessons learned, Angie shares insights and advice for anyone hoping to succeed in showbusiness. Angie writes of the realities of being a black performer today and how things have changed (or not in some cases) over the decades, her faith as a Christian, and her celebrity friends.

Angie wasn't diagnosed with dyslexia until after she had finished her schooling, and her memories of her school days are far from positive. She continues to struggle with dyslexia on a daily basis, when writing comedy scripts or television shows, and particularly when writing her life story. Angie Le Mar has lived through depression, experiencing water on the brain during pregnancy (requiring regular lumbar punctures), and the death of two of her close friends: Felix Dexter and Colette Johnson. Angie may have battled tough times, but she is, naturally, best known for making people laugh. Angie was the first black British performer to appear at Harlem's Apollo Theatre. She also enjoyed the first ever sell-out show by a female black comedy act in London's West End.

Angie Le Mar is an inspirational, strong, hard-working and creative lady who is trailblazing the way for young women, particularly young Black women, to recognise their talents and use them in a way that benefits them and the wider community. Her story will become an invaluable resource for drama education, a perfect gift for anyone aspiring to a life in showbusiness, and for every one of us who needs an encouraging, friendly push in the right direction to make the most of life.

First published: Thursday 16th March 2017