Andy Barr.

Andy Barr

World's Worst Lookalike

Featuring: Joz Norris (Jonathan Spooky), John-Luke Roberts (Agent), Harriet Kemsley (Customer), Adam Larter ('Warren Ellis'), Andy Barr ('Jason Donovan').

Searching for Mr Fruit Salad

Featuring: Joz Norris, Andy Barr, Marny Godden, Lucy Pearman, Matt Kaufman.

World's Worst Living Statue

Featuring: Joz Norris (Jonathan Spooky), Mat Ewins (Agent), Andy Barr (City Wanker), Adam Larter (City Wanker), Hannah Cameron (Passer-By), Sarah Edwards (Passer-By), Haiminh Le (Passer-By), William Lee (Passer-By), Charlie Miller (Passer-By), Becky Walker (Passer-By), Alwin Solanky (Passers-By).

World's Worst Ghost Walk

Featuring: Joz Norris (Tour Guide), Eleanor Morton (First Arrival), Alwin Solanky (First Arrival), Michael Brunström (Passer By), Hannah Cameron (Passer By), Andy Barr (City Wanker), Adam Larter (City Wanker), Elise Bramich (Tour Group), Ali Brice (Tour Group), Helen Duff (Tour Group), Sarah Edwards (Tour Group), Haiminh Le (Tour Group), William Lee (Tour Group), Nig Lovell (Tour Group), Tom Meek (Tour Group), Charlie Miller (Tour Group), Siiri Raja-Aho (Tour Group).

A Load Of Croc - The Talent Show

From Series 1, Episode 3 of A Load Of Croc. Featuring: William Lee (Croc), Michael Brunström (Dorito Fish), Ben Target (The Narrator), Beth Vyse (Wendy), Mark Stephenson (Shy Peter), Cassie Atkinson (Smelly Sally), Alwin Solanky (Maria Carey), Katie Kvinge (Beatnik), Christian Brighty (Aggressive Anti-Virus Software), Charlie Miller (Shitears), Andy Barr (Nosey), Ali Brice (Sexy Town Crier), Gareth Morinan (Him From The Council), Matthew Highton (Buggie), Joz Norris (Dougie), Eleanor Morton (Lamb and Perl), Adam Larter (Hairy Violinist), Liberty Hodes (Ian Beale).