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Pro-Brexit, anti-woke: the comic breaking all the rules

Andrew Doyle, the creator of spoof activist Titania McGrath, tells Dominic Maxwell why free speech is under attack.

Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 22nd February 2021

Andrew Doyle on being kicked out of a comedy club

Andrew Doyle wonders why so many comedians are offended by the satire of Titania McGrath.

Andrew Doyle, The Critic, 23rd December 2020

Andrew Doyle interview - Part 2

"It's no longer about Left and Right. That's obsolete."

John Fleming's Blog, 16th October 2020

Andrew Doyle interview

Andrew Doyle on Titania McGrath's new book, satire and annoying people.

John Fleming's Blog, 15th October 2020

The BBC's bid to axe left-wing comedy will fail

From Punch in the 19th century to P. J. O'Rourke to Auberon Waugh to Craig Brown to Titania McGrath, if it's grown-up, nuanced political humour and satire you want, refer to books, newspapers, magazines or the internet. Let the lefties have the airwaves.

Patrick West, The Spectator, 3rd September 2020

My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism review

Andrew Doyle's hilarious Twitter parody returns with a book of Titania McGrath's woke icons.

Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus, 1st September 2020

Twitter's purge of the anti-woke satirists

Titania McGrath and other accounts which make fun of wokeness have been censored.

Spiked, 18th August 2020

I was censored... by the free speech stand-up night

It was a night set up to champion free speech - but today Comedy Unleashed has been accused of trying to censor comedians who do not agree with its agenda. American stand-up Will Franken, once one of the stalwarts of the club, has criticised its promoters for attempting to influence what he should talk about on stage. However, those behind the club deny censoring the comic, and accused him of making 'fabrications and misrepresentations' following a furious fall-out about the direction of the night.

Chortle, 10th April 2020