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Kieran Hodgson and Stevie Martin star in lifeguards pilot

Taster episodes of Lifeguards, a sitcom pilot about a dysfunctional seaside safety team, have been filmed. Kieran Hodgson and Stevie Martin are in the lead roles.

British Comedy Guide, 27th January 2022

Review - Birds: Pluck

The whole audience was caught up in the energetic buzz of the room and eager to see what the next sketch would be.

Amira Hanna, Broadway Baby, 2nd June 2019

Review - Birds: Pluck

When it comes to sketch comedy, Amy Spinks and Kate Novak are almost as traditional as they come.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 1st June 2019

Review - Birds: Pluck

Having had no exposure to the sketch-duo prior to Pluck, the show went above and beyond all expectation.

Femedy, 13th May 2019

Review: Birds

I am genuinely blown away by the number and consistency of quality sketches that they continuously produce throughout the hour.

Theo Summers, A Younger Theatre, 8th May 2019

Review: Birds

You'd be pushed to find two more likeable performers on the sketch comedy circuit than the members of Birds; Amy Spinks and Kate Novak tread the line of confidence and charm so incredibly well that they very quickly have their audience eating out of the palm of their hands.

Simon Topping, The Reviews Hub, 7th May 2019

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