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Alistair McGowan

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Jasper Carrott & Alistair McGowan review

Jasper Carrott and Alistair McGowan may seem an unlikely duo but they have teamed up to tour since a one-off appearance sharing a bill at Henley Festival. However, the pair have not formed a double act - they do not perform together - they take it in turns to present 30 minute sets and the format worked well.

Angela Johnson, Entertainment Focus, 18th November 2019

Alistair McGowan review

He has perfectly mimicked just about everybody in the public eye, but could this be Alistair McGowan's greatest impersonation yet? A concert pianist.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 10th May 2019

Last in the series of Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona's topical comedy. "Satire" wouldn't be the right word for the quickfire overdubs of the week's news footage, since the gags rely on loose puns and casual stereotypes more than swingeing critique. This week, expect an excess of Harry Kane and Gareth Southgate.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 19th July 2018

Despite the escalating absurdity of current public life, there hasn't really been a satire capable of responding to it. The latest to try its luck is this Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona vehicle, which will revoice real-life footage of celebrities and politicians, and presumably struggle to come up with anything more ridiculous.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 17th May 2018

Sky orders impressionist satire Re-Dub!

Alistair McGowan is to front a new satirical impressionist show for Sky One.

British Comedy Guide, 1st February 2018

Alistair McGowan webchat - post your questions now

The TV comic has turned his talents to mastering the piano - so can he really do a good impression of Chopin? He'll be here to answer all your questions on Wednesday 4 October at 1pm BST.

The Guardian, 3rd October 2017

Gaby Roslin to host Radio 4 film panel show

Gaby Roslin is to host a Radio 4 comedy panel show about movies, with Lee Mack and John Thomson as the team captains.

British Comedy Guide, 17th November 2016

Alistair McGowan on swapping impressions for the piano

When I began working in television in the early 90's, I also began doing my first press interviews. One question kept cropping up : "What is your biggest regret?" And the answer I heard myself give was always the same : "Giving up the piano, after passing my grade two (with merit), aged 9, to play football".

i Newspaper, 11th August 2016