Ali Brice
Ali Brice

Ali Brice

  • Actor, writer, producer and comedian

Video clips

Lad Pad - The Amazon Delivery Guy Comes To Visit

After Ali plays a very cheeky prank on Joz while they're trying to do a jigsaw puzzle, he is punished by being made to wait in for an Amazon delivery. When the delivery eventually arrives, the delivery guy has some serious trouble finding a safe place to leave it where Mark will find it. Will Ali finally find love?

Lad Pad - Joz's Cousin Comes To Visit

Ali and Joz are having a lovely time eating a Pot Noodle, but the happy mood can't last forever as they are expecting a visit from Joz's noisy cousin Mr Fruit Salad. Even worse, when Mr Fruit Salad eventually arrives, he is upside-down, and this causes no end of problems for the sketch.

Lad Pad - Ali's Mum Comes To Visit

Ali and Joz are fascinated by a strange object that has been left on their table, but Ali can't remember if Joz is his mum or not. Could Ali's real mum have some connection the mysterious object?

Ed & Joz - Joz & Ed's DaVinci Code Type Thing

Join Joz and Ed in their thrilling quest to solve a bizarre mystery which sees them brush the edges of Government conspiracies, barely scrape the surface of cover ups in the Church and maybe have an ice cream.

Where are they now? - Irish Bat

Critter-Patter is a new show that finds out what viral animals are up to since they've become famous.

How to break the ice at parties

A simple trick to help you break the ice at a party. A surreal sketch starring Ali Brice.

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