Dead Pixels. Megan 'Meg' Jefferies (Alexa Davies).

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Dead Pixels review

From what I've seen of Dead Pixels, I can assure you this is an inviting import with plenty of promise. Bawdy, incisive, timely, and inventive, Dead Pixels is exactly the kind of show we need to pep up the summer TV lineup.

Allie Gemmill, Collider, 18th August 2020

E4 orders Dead Pixels Series 2

Dead Pixels, the sitcom about a friendship group who play a computer game together, is to return for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 18th July 2019

Dead Pixels: as addictive as World of Warcraft

You don't need to know your Azeroth from your elbow to enjoy this gut-bustingly funny new show.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 10th April 2019

Dead Pixels interviews

Alexa Davies, Will Merrick and Charlotte Ritchie, stars of new E4 gamer comedy Dead Pixels chat to us about their gaming experiences...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 4th April 2019

Dead Pixels: A comedy 'about gamers for gamers'

Dead Pixels is a new comedy about gamers that promises to be "on their side".

Steffan Powell, BBC, 30th March 2019

Dead Pixels, E4, review - gamers for a laugh

Witty sitcom about videogame addicts pits real life against fantasy

Jasper Rees, The Arts Desk, 29th March 2019

Dead Pixels generates comedy from gaming highs & lows

As if there wasn't enough good comedy on British television at the moment, with This Time, Fleabag, Derry Girls, Home and Timewasters currently on the air, Dead Pixels has now arrived to win laughs from the world of gaming.

Sophie Davies, The Custard TV, 28th March 2019

Dead Pixels review

There are perils in making a comedy about gaming. After all, the core market may be too firmly glued to their screens to tune in, while the geeky image of the pastime that endures even as more people partake could be a turn-off for non-players.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 28th March 2019