Alex Zane.

Alex Zane interview

Quickfire questions with comedian and TV presenter Alex Zane.

Daily Mail, 31st July 2016

Grimsby: most hideous, hilarious movie this year

Sacha Baron Cohen pushes the comedy envelope as far as he can with his latest creation in this rude, crude and utterly outrageous comedy.

Alex Zane, The Sun, 26th February 2016

Alex Zane on his new comedy show for London Live

One-time wildman Alex Zane has hung up his party boots for a new line in stand-up. As he launches a comedy show on London Live, he tells Nick Curtis why he's game for a laugh.

Nick Curtis, Evening Standard, 27th March 2014

Dave Gorman has turned the 'Powerpoint Presentation as Sketch Show' into something of an art form, getting comic mileage out of some pretty flimsy premises. Modern Life is Goodish is no exception, encouraging us to look a little closer and pay a little more attention: to terms and conditions, to pernicious marketing campaigns and, above all, to the internet.

Adam Buxton may do it darker and Alex Zane dumber, but they leave Gorman to plough the reasonably fertile middle ground of mocking idiots online, in this case as they debate Leap Years and non-news stories. Gorman's mounting incredulity becomes a little exhausting over the course of the hour and his climactic 'Found Poem' is overlong, but there are still plenty of laughs - and any time spent scrutinising Alan Sugar's doomed E-Mailer phone is never wasted. Goodish is about right.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 17th September 2013

The World's End review

For blokes of a certain age, this will tick all kinds of emotional boxes. For everyone else this is a hugely entertaining final curtain for a trilogy that has consistently delivered originality and, most importantly, plenty of laughs.

Alex Zane, The Sun, 19th July 2013

Alex Zane has admitted he fears being left red-faced - when the joke turns on him. The Rude Tube presenter revealed he is paranoid that all his victims will seek "revenge". He confessed: "When things start going weird you check every mirror and see there are no cameras to make sure it is just a strange situation." The DJ said one of his casualties in Meet The Parents was "terrified" after his partner's pretend parents tried to persuade him to take part in a bank robbery.

The Sun, 12th September 2012

Edinburgh Fringe review

Fest Mag, August 2010

Edinburgh Fringe review

Hairline, August 2010