Alan Stafford

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Alan Stafford - Bonkore! Second Coming Of A Sex Comedy

Alan Stafford - Bonkore! Second Coming Of A Sex Comedy

Why would anyone wish to resurrect the saucy sex comedy? Surely it died a natural death decades ago. Along with one unnatural death. An actor who killed both himself and an entire movie. And now, out of the blue, a fresh young director is keen to complete that movie - with the original cast!

Thus begins leading lady Amanda's improbable quest - to seek out her co-stars and persuade them to strip off and get sexy for one last movie. But will her fellow performers be in any shape (mental or physical) to face the unforgiving glare of the studio lights?

Nostalgia and neuralgia, libido and lumbago collide in this sometimes wry and wistful, sometimes bizarre and bawdy, sex comedy about the making of a sex comedy. Expect a bumpy ride as the old gang reassemble for a final bonkbusting encore...

First published: Thursday 18th April 2019

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  • Released: Friday 14th June 2019
  • Publisher: KGHH Publishing
  • Download: 0.42mb

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