Damned. Al Kavanagh (Alan Davies). Copyright: What Larks Productions.

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Damned interviews

Monday 26th September 2016

The cast of Channel 4 social work sitcom Damned talk about the show. They discuss the importance of realism, how improv was used on set, and more.


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Line up for Bristol Comedy Garden revealed

This year's Bristol Comedy Garden returns to Queen Square (June 3rd-7th) for a ninth edition of the South West's biggest comedy festival.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 12th March 2020

DMU at 150: Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester Comedy Festival has been part of the city's calendar since 1994 when it began as a student project by then Leicester Polytechnic student Geoff Rowe.

De Montfort University, 6th February 2020

Review: God's Dice at Soho Theatre

It is enjoyable to watch and the content is fascinating. It just needs a bit more spark to get where it needs to be.

Kari Megeed, The Upcoming, 4th November 2019

God's Dice, Soho Theatre, review

David Baddiel's debut is overlong and overblown.

Veronica Lee, i Newspaper, 4th November 2019

God's Dice review: Top-class theatre

Baddiel has a great way of making tricky subjects more accessible and turning lofty ideas into relevant ones, but now -- and even better -- he's doing it through the medium of top-class theatre.

Hannah Foulds, Londonist, 1st November 2019

God's Dice review

Baddiel, as one might expect, is very good with words and the ideas here are intriguing too. Maybe a slightly different version would have more impact.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 31st October 2019

God's Dice review

God's Dice is ultimately too wide-ranging and complex to be 100 per cent successful but it is wonderful to encounter new writing that isn't afraid to take on huge themes and refract them back through the prism of relatable human circumstances.

Alun Hood, What's On Stage, 31st October 2019

God's Dice review

As a piece of theatre, it works wonderfully well. As a sort of amusing after dinner intellectual game, it has its merits. As a serious piece of thinking you will either find yourself able to 'buy' what it has to sell or be left wondering why it never occurred to anyone involved that they were maybe barking up the wrong Jesse's Tree.

Julian Eaves, BritishTheatre.com, 31st October 2019