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DVD review: At Last the 1948 Show

You've all heard this one: four Yorkshiremen sit round a restaurant table and try to outdo each other with tales of how they had it tough when they were but lads. It's one of the most famous sketches to come from the Monty Python team, and has been restaged several times, including the album Monty Python Live at Drury Lane and the Amnesty International charity show and film The Secret Policeman's Ball. But in fact it's not a Python sketch at all. It first appeared on TV on At Last the 1948 Show.

Gary Couzens, The Digital Fix, 16th September 2019

Why Just a Minute hides a far more ruthless reality

Just A Minute has become one of the nation's most beloved radio shows -- but it began as a classroom humiliation, inflicted on daydreamers by a history teacher at Sherborne School in the Thirties.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 1st December 2017

Preview - The Good Old Days

As Bob Dylan famously sang 'The times they are a changing' - it was a call of hope and optimism which echoed the giant strides the civil rights and equality movements were making. It was a message that didn't reach the BBC or large swathes of the British people because The Good Old Days was a hugely popular hour of escapism throughout the 1970s and 80s. I never quite understood why, at a time when there were three TV channels (Channel 4 didn't arrive until the mid-80s), this show could eat an hour out of BBC One's primetime schedule.

Gareth Hargreaves, On The Box, 20th January 2017