Adam Miller

BBC pilots PE teacher sitcom from Mike Bubbins

Mike Bubbins is piloting Mammoth, a BBC sitcom about a swaggeringly macho 1970s PE teacher.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd April 2021

Zomboat! Surprisingly clever, upbeat zombie apocalypse

Wacky six-part genre romp is replete with British humour and some of the most relatable crisis behaviour to grace end times.

Emily Tatti, The Guardian, 23rd September 2020

Zomboat! cast discuss escaping a zombie apocalypse

Actor Hamza Jeetooa has invented a new term in TV filming - the "reverse of shame". As he told the RTS Midlands audience at the premiere of new ITV2 comedy horror series Zomboat!, it happens when you're shooting on a narrow boat and make a mistake.

Roz Laws, Royal Television Society, 15th October 2019

TV review: Zomboat!, ITV2

The six-parter looked cheap but then that's very much in the spirit of the zombie movie, which is to filmic DIY what putting up a shelf is to the real thing. All you need is a dozen shambling extras and a street cleared temporarily of gawpers and if you've a half decent script you can let your characters do the rest. Miller's script is more than half decent and with Plebs (another cheap looking show) now returned for a fifth series, ITV2's comedy roster is looking a lot healthier than Birmingham's plague-afflicted undead.

Barry Didcock, The National (Scotland), 13th October 2019

The zombie apocalypse comes to the Midlands in this gore-filled comedy about two pairs of friends who find themselves escaping the carnage on a painfully slow canal boat from an infected Birmingham to the supposed safe haven of London. Zombie invasions may be a well-trodden premise but the writer and director, Adam Miller, uses meta-references to his advantage, turning the 30-minute show into a crossover between a wry sitcom and a fast-paced first-person shooter.

Ammar Kalia, The Guardian, 8th October 2019

How we made Zomboat!

"Every show has its challenges, but the challenges of Zomboat! were laid out in its title."

Broadcast, 2nd October 2019

ITV2 orders zombie apocalypse sitcom

ITV2 has ordered Zomboat!, a sitcom series about a group of people who try to flee a zombie apocalypse via a canal boat.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd May 2019

Interview with The Windsors director Adam Miller

The Windsors is currently charming audiences every Wednesday night on Channel 4.

The Velvet Onion, 17th July 2017