The Stand Up Sketch Show. Aaron Simmonds.

Aaron Simmonds

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New Edinburgh Fringe shows go on sale

A new batch of Fringe shows at the Pleasance, including Dane Baptiste, Paul Merton, NewsRevue and Wizard Presents, are now on sale.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 25th February 2020

Aaron Simmonds interview

"I can accept my limits but I'll push against them": Aaron Simmonds on ambition and identity.

Rohan Banerjee, The New Statesman, 11th October 2019

NextUp films Edinburgh shows for release

This year NextUp filmed 14 shows including those of Zoe Lyons, Esther Manito, Ashley Storrie, Juliette Burton, Bec Hill, Robin Morgan, Edd Hedges, Daniel Wye, Anesti Danelis and Aaron Simmonds.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 29th August 2019

The funniest thing that ever happened to you a funeral

Another from Richard Herring's stock of Emergency Questions.

Chortle, 23rd August 2019

Have you ever been too shy to speak to a hero you met?

Fringe comedians answer another of Richard Herring's Emergency Questions.

Chortle, 20th August 2019

Who was the biggest prick at your school?

Another from Richard Herring's stock of Emergency Questions

Chortle, 16th August 2019

8 white dues worth seeing at the 2019 Fringe

Anyone who has ever read a listicle in Chortle will have a decent impression of how white and male comedy is as an industry. It can be difficult, when faced with such overwhelming hegemony, to tell which shows are going to be brilliant compared to the ones that are just someone complaining about living life on easy mode.

Blizzard Comedy, 12th August 2019

Nightmare audience members

We asked performers going to the Fringe who they would least like to see in the audience of their show...

British Comedy Guide, 10th August 2019