Wetsuit Wendy. Wetsuit Wendy (Marina O'Shea).

Wetsuit Wendy

YouTube sketch show about a woman in a wetsuit. 4 episodes (1 series), 2018 - 2020. Stars Marina O'Shea.

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Series 1

1. Episode One

First published: Tuesday 18th September 2018

You should never be afraid to be yourself. Meet Wendy, she's owning her life and proving to all it's ok to be different.


2. The Date

First published: Monday 1st October 2018

Wendy is back, and she's got an exciting first date planned. But how will the date turn out? What will her date think of her wetsuit wearing?


3. The Singing Lesson

First published: Tuesday 6th November 2018

Wendy is off for a singing lesson with singing teacher Louisa. But will the wetsuit be an issue? Wendy doesn't think so, she's waited three months to get lessons with the best teacher in town.


4. Episode Four

First published: Sunday 22nd March 2020

With the country on lockdown, it's time for a bit of selfcare and reflection. Should you worry about what people think about you? Why do people feel the need to judge others? Do your armpits need shaving? Wetsuit Wendy contemplates all of this and more whilst having a relaxing soak.