A Finnish plumber dooms the world to endless winter. This is the short film that won director Tia Salisbury the BCG Pro Talent Awards for Production 2021.

Whilst Seppo may appear Finnish, it's actually made in the UK. Director Tia Salisbury filmed it in lockdown, using her family. She explains: "We made Seppo for the 'two short nights' film challenge back in January. We had 48 hours to make a short in the genre of 'world cinema', with the added element of jeopardy being we were under plague-related house arrest. All a bit of a frantic blur, but vaguely recall it being a blast to shoot and a perfect distraction from doom-scrolling and swigging gin."

Ben Salisbury Seppo
Bella Salisbury Jonas
Vic Salisbury Tytar
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs Narrator
Tia Salisbury Director
Tia Salisbury Editor

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