Snack Simulator - BCG Pro Video Contest winner

Have you piled on the pounds during lockdown? Or feeling disillusioned with your plant based diet? Care about mankind, but more about your tastebuds? Well, you're just one click away from guilt free gorging! Introducing the all new SNACK SIMULATOR. Stuff your face all-day every-day, and think no more about your gluttonous impact on the planet.

This video was the July 2021 winner of the BCG Pro Video Contest

Original 2 minutes, 57 version

Richard Shanks

Richard Shanks Studio Chef
Gabriel Bisset-Smith Struggling Vegan
Robert Cawsey Burger Boy
Helen Bauer Product Demonstrator Person
Nick Karimi Saucy Chef
Matthew Spencer Candlelit Creep
Jodie Prenger Judith
Angela Griffin Andrea
Richard Shanks Writer
Richard Shanks Director
Richard Shanks Producer

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