Country Lines

The violent act of motorbike crime has now morphed into the UK's towns and villages. Our London reporter, Victoria has arrived in Wem, Shropshire, and sent over this report on how the crime has been chillingly adapted to suit this rural town.

Motorbike crime is a terrifying criminal activity run by fearless gangs. They mount pavements, zooming by the working public snatching their laptops, phones and well-deserved meal deals. It has been present in our cities for the last three to four years and like many successful criminal schemes they have a habit of filtering over from the city to our beautiful countryside.

"Professional" moped criminal, Myth, has fallen out with his Mancunian topboys and heads out to the sticks to re-build his profile. Ending up in the small north Shropshire town of Wem he hooks up with impressionable and naive young farmer, Bri. Moped crime on the streets of Wem was a non-starter. Too noisy. Reminded residents of the Luftwaffe. So they come up with a morphed plan utilising both of their skills in the hope of taking the town by storm.

Our intense, upcoming, investigative journalist, Victoria, catches wind of this and heads up to cast her over-analytical eye over proceedings as the term "County lines" is redefined.

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