At Home with... @TheTimTwenty

The At Home with... team spends some time with Timothy Rawlston, the seasoned theatre performer behind the YouTube sensation that is @TheTimTwenty. Timothy talks us through the many intricacies to being a successful YouTube star and how he has turned himself into a hugely profitable worldwide brand, all the while keeping himself out of the public eye. That is, until now.

At Home with... @TheTimTwenty is the second instalment in the At Home with... short film anthology series created by Paul Longley.

The series of stand-alone short films operates around a "comedy character study" of the title lead role of the episodic short. However, the At Home with... @TheTimTwenty episodic short technically focuses on two characters; Timothy Rawlston - the pompous, well-spoken theatrically trained performer and @TheTimTwenty - his loud and crass YouTube alter-ego.

At Home with... @TheTimTwenty was born out of a mild fascination in the generation of YouTubers, influencers and Tik-Tok users that we currently find ourselves surrounded by and satirising the world that they have created.

The At Home with... series is a collaboration between Paul and James Longley who both co-directed and edited the project. In keeping with the At Home with... theme, it was filmed within their home (apart from venturing 20 seconds up the road to the nearby bus stop), made with absolutely no budget and used only family members to play the supporting roles to ensure its naturalistic and authentic feel.

Paul Longley Timothy Rawlston / @TheTimTwenty
Trevor Longley Dad
James Longley Brother
Jonny Ashdown Interviewer
Paul Longley Writer
Paul Longley Director
James Longley Director
Paul Longley Producer
James Longley Producer
Paul Longley Creator

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