A world-renowned, professional fly killer, named Carl, is on the cusp of finalising his latest and most powerful invention; a machine that, with a single pulse, will annihilate every single fly on this world. Whilst testing its efficacy within the limited range of his workshop, a single fly miraculously survives the death pulse.

This short film was made by students at the University of Edinburgh. It won the 'Comedy and Entertainment' prize at the 2020 RTS Scotland Student Television Awards, and the 'Production Design' prize at the RTS Student Television Awards. It was also nominated for the 'Comedy and Entertainment' prize in the RTS Student Television Awards.

Jack Allen Carl
Jack Allen Writer
Jack Allen Director
Jack Allen Producer
Margarita Papathanasiou Co-producer
Laurence Jenkins Editor
Carey Osborne Editor
Ina Morken Production Designer

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