Don't Sell The Tiger

After the death of their father, three sisters return to the family home to pack up his belongings. But the squabbling siblings can't agree on the fate of one family heirloom - a mysterious bronze tiger. As the sisters clash, this fast-paced, energetic short film takes us back to 1945 Japan, the Coronation in 1953 and the summer of 1981, to tell the story of this creepy antique and its (possible) malign influence on this troubled family.

Margaret Cabourn-Smith Annette
Jessica Fostekew Jane
Hatty Ashdown Libby
Christian Kinde Young Granddad
Caroline Mabey Mum
Rick Kiesewetter Japanese Soldier
Martin Oatts Antiques Dealer
Joanne Oatts Writer
Mark Winter Writer
Ben Wylson Director
Joanne Oatts Producer
Mark Winter Producer
Ben Wylson Producer
Jack Wylson Executive Producer

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