North East Comedy Hot House sketches

Three sketches by The North East Comedy Hot House: We're Gannin' Oot Oot, Too Proud to Split the Bill and If Boobs Were Like Balls.

These sketches were made for North East Comedy Hot House by Couch Potato Films (Too Proud To Split The Bill), FNA (If Boobs Were Like Balls) and Roundhouse Pictures (We're Gannin' Oot, Oot!).

Joby Mageean Ensemble Actor
Rahul Kohli Ensemble Actor
Hannah Walker Ensemble Actor
Sammy Dobson (as Sammy T Dobson) Ensemble Actor
Sarah Lewis Obuba Ensemble Actor
Tom Machell Ensemble Actor
Aatif Nawaz Ensemble Actor
Andrew Buzzeo Ensemble Actor
Joby Mageean Writer
Rahul Kohli (as Raul Kohli) Writer
Jen Gallagher Writer
James Craggs Director
Adam Bouabda Director
Jen Gallagher Director
Adam Bouabda Co-producer
Zahra Zomorrodian Co-producer
James Craggs Co-producer

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