The Messenger

With his current dole money frozen and an impending threat of having all his benefits taken from him, Frank is desperate for a get-rich-quick scheme. Opportunity comes in the most unusual of places when an awkward schoolboy enlists the help of Frank to help him break up with his girlfriend.

Simeon Willis Frank
Joshua Lewindon Jim
Pip Phillips Jane
Safron Beck Brenda
Stephanie Martin Brenda
Scot Mochan Patrick
Charles Rodrigues Job Seeker
Gina Gravenell Job Seeker
Claire Gravenell Job Seeker
Aaron Pereira Job Seeker
Hansel Rodrigues Writer
Hansel Rodrigues Director
Syd Heather Producer
Danny Eycott Executive Producer
Hansel Rodrigues Editor
Charlie France Editor
Bianca Martin Production Designer
George Willmore Production Designer
Darryl John Hannan Composer

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