Deep Clean

This road crew is hiding a secret about what lurks below the city streets.

What if the council road crews you see causing traffic jams every day were not what you thought? Kicked out of school, 16-year-old Alex has to spend the day with his estranged Uncle on a work placement. What he doesn't know is that Deep Clean is a secret council unit hiding in plain sight whose real job is... blocking up inter-dimensional portals!

Deep Clean has been a festival hit, winning over audiences at festivals across the globe, from Frightfest Halloween and London Short Film Festival, to SF Indie's Another Hole in the Head (Best Sci-Fi), Knoxville (Best Film & Director) to London's Comic-Con, where it was awarded its very own panel.

Paul Kaye Uncle Brian
Tony Way Malky
Joshua Glenister Alex
Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Bungle
Simon Lukacs Traffic Guy
Laura Evelyn Traffic Woman
Krent Able Writer
Matt Harlock Writer
Matt Harlock Director
Matt Harlock Producer
Mike Chapman Executive Producer
Aaron Lee Marshall Executive Producer
Rebekah Renford Co-producer
Natalie O'Connor Production Designer

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