Game Of Burger Thrones

Game Of Thrones gets the fast food treatment...

Boom Chicago improv group rewrite George RR Martin's epic fantasy series chronicling the fight for the Iron Throne as a product placement fuelled battle between the Seven Fast Food Kingdoms.

Replacing House Stark, House Lannister and House Targaryen are the likes of The House of Subway and The Hut of Pizza. And at the forefront of the action is The House of Burger King and its matriarch, Queen Whopper, caught between the conflicting counsel of Lord French Fries and Lord Ronald.

And unlike the unfortunate people of King's Landing, the only things getting grilled here are the burgers...

Tamar Broadbent Queen Whopper
Simon Lukacs Lord French Fries
Simon Feilder Lord Ronald
Simon Lukacs Writer
Simon Feilder Director
Andrew Moskos Producer
Simon Lukacs Producer
Simon Feilder Producer
Simon Feilder Editor
Sacha Hoedemaker Composer

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