The Joke's On You

All's fair in love and pranks. Davina and Mark are a couple living in East London with their cat Mimi. They are locked in a prank war. Will they or their relationship survive the final credits?

The Joke's On You won best comedy short comedy of 2016 at ECAFF Eddie Comedy Awards in Milan. The film was also screened at international women's film festival Shelburne Falls Fabulous Fringe Festival in Massachusetts.

Creator Victoria Muldoon says: "The Joke's On You was inspired by my parents who have ridiculous arguments but stay together. My dad used to play pranks on my mum. Also, a former work colleague who bought weighing scales for his girlfriend for Valentines day."

Victoria Muldoon Davina
Liam Bewley Mark
Naomi Cooper-Davis Mandy
Evie Watts Evans Young Davina
Tai Remus Elliot Young Mark
Blair Barnette Musician Lady
Victoria Muldoon Writer
Katie Smith Director
Victoria Muldoon Producer
Hugo Sieiro Editor
James Gover Editor
Neil Myers Composer

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