Transaction. Image shows from L to R: Liv (Jordan Gray), Tom (Thomas Gray). Copyright: Comedy Central.


Comedy Central (Online) sitcom about a transgender narcissist. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Stars Jordan Gray and Thomas Gray.

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Series 1

1. Liv Boycotts The Gender Neutral Toilet

First published: Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Liv has taken a shine to a new shift worker but gets distracted by the new gender neutral toilets. Meanwhile, her supervisor and best friend Tom is trying to invite her to his nan's funeral - but now is not the time.


2. Liv Starts A Deadly Prank War

First published: Wednesday 29th January 2020

Liv has found a new enemy in co-worker Stuart, who steals her front seat in Tom's car. As their prank war reaches its climax, Tom struggles to mediate between the pair.


3. Liv Invites Herself To Tom's Lads Night Out

First published: Wednesday 5th February 2020

Liv confronts Tom for not inviting her to his upcoming party. Worse still, the party involves spicy food and everyone knows that interferes with Liv's love-making plans.


4. Liv Compares Hate Crimes

First published: Wednesday 12th February 2020

There's a new cashier in the supermarket and she's... American. Liv struggles to cope with the newbie's upbeat attitude, and manages to put her foot in it by comparing their experiences as a transgender woman and a black woman.


5. Liv Is Accused Of Theft By Consumption

First published: Wednesday 19th February 2020

When Tom's snack gets stuck in the vending machine, an outraged Liv insists he shake it out. Cue a trip to the manager's office and Liv inventing a pregnancy to get out of trouble.


6. Liv's Spooky Supermarket Sweep

First published: Wednesday 26th February 2020

It's Halloween in the supermarket and some spooky occurrences are taking place. Did Liv definitely make sure the store was empty before locking up?