The Art Of Monstrous Men. Rupert Flaxen (James Hamilton).

The Art Of Monstrous Men

YouTube comedy about horrid artists. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars James Hamilton.

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Series 1

1. Huxton Limpley

First published: Friday 11th May 2018

Art critic Rupert Flaxen is indignant at the liberal left for saying we're not allowed to enjoy the art of violent and/or abusive men any more - even if that art is quite good!


2. Cormac Mundy

First published: Thursday 24th May 2018

In this episode art critic Rupert Flaxen goes to even greater lengths to prove that it obviously shouldn't matter how abusive, horrible or violent any given famous man has been... provided they did a nice art.


3. Rupert Flaxen

First published: Thursday 7th June 2018

The third and final episode, in which art critic Rupert Flaxen is rallying to the defence of abusive artists. If he doesn't, who will?