The Amelia Gething Complex

BBC iPlayer sketch show starring Amelia Gething. Broadcast in 2019. Stars Amelia Gething.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

The Amelia Gething Complex

YouTube sensation Amelia Gething stars in her own sketch show for teen audiences

Sketch Show
BBC iPlayer
Amelia Gething

The Amelia Gething Complex centre-stages YouTube sensation Amelia Gething in this female-led sketch show that harnesses her aspirational style and surreal humour.

In this series Amelia lives in a flat in Pepperpot Drive with her two best friends, Vinnie and Poppy. It's a home like any other - except that anything can happen. Interspersing the madcap antics in the flat, the show spins off into other sketches in the outside world and breaks the fourth wall by directly engaging the audience. An anarchic vibe with high energy laughs, the series is aimed at teens aged 13 upwards.