Russell Brand.

Russell Brand: Re:Birth

Netflix stand-up show by Russell Brand. 1 episode in 2018. Stars Russell Brand.

Russell Brand: Re:Birth.

Russel Brand's 2018 stand-up special Re:Birth is released on Netflix

Russel Brand's 2018 stand-up special Re:Birth has been released on Netflix.

The 63 minutes show, which was written and performed by the comedian and die-hard West Ham United fan, was released on Netflix on Tuesday 4 December 2018. His stand-up comedy act was filmed at the Hackney Empire, the East London venue not far from where Brand was born in Shoreditch, London.

In this show, Russel Brand talks to the audience about overcoming his addictions, his affinity to the world of spirituality and deeper meaning as well as his love for his football team, West Ham United. Talking of The Hammers, some of the club's star players attended a game of crazy snooker at the Romford Snooker Club in Essex last week, in the lead up to the their busy Christmas schedule.

In the spirit of the festive season, Russel Brand wrote a letter to Father Christmas three years ago, saying: "Dear Father Christmas (if that's your real name - do you prefer Santa? Saint Nic? Babushka?). Look, I'll be honest - I'm not even sure that you're real anymore - I got some pretty solid evidence that the Millennium Falcon in '86 was bought by my Mum."

With Russel Brand's way of questioning everything and everyone around him, the Re:Birth show should be appealing to both existing fans and new fans alike, as he talks about the recent birth of his daughter and what life is like in the suburban Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames.

Published: Thursday 6th December 2018