Nudinits. Copyright: Woolly Vision.


YouTube sitcom starring knitted characters. 3 episodes (1 series), 2014 - 2019. Stars Marc Anderson, Tom Hudson, Luffy McTuggle, Caroline Ross and others.

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Nudinits: Going Wild In Woolly Bush

Nudinits: Going Wild In Woolly Bush

Follow Bernard and Barbara, from the eccentric village of Woolly Bush, as they open up their countryside in 40 funny pictures accompanied by comedy taglines.

Woolly Bush has all the standard features of a typical village - the local pub, the vegetable show, the vicar - so nothing unusual. Oh, except they're all in the nudie.

The antics of this bare-bottomed couple are sure to raise a titter or two with woolly puns and large innuendos on every page. From a hike up Bushy Mound and a stiff one at the Ram Inn, to a picnic all out in the open and finding just the right lob at the tennis court - they show how to enjoy the outdoors and have a jolly good English staycation.

Based on the film festival hit nudinits animation and bursting with British eccentricity - this hilarious book will appeal to humour-lovers, outdoorsy types and knitting fans alike.

Sarah Simi is a knitter extraordinaire and the creator, director and producer of Nudinits, the world's first all-knitted animation.

First published: Thursday 15th April 2021

  • Publisher: Portico
  • Pages: 80
  • Catalogue: 9781911622598

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